26th February 2009

Lily Allen: The Fear (It’s Not Me, It’s You LP)
The King Blues: What If Punk Never Happened (Dan Le Sac V Scroobius Pip Remix) (Save The World * Get The Girl Single) Field Recordings
James ‘Bar’ Bowen: Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking? (Live In The Studio)
Kein Wort Der Reuer: Punk Ist Tot (Album Pre-Release)
James ‘Bar’ Bowen: Never Never Land (Live In The Studio)
The Scabs: Blades Beats Fists (Fungal Punk Underdogs: Choice Collection of Real Punk Rock Vol 1 LP)
James ‘Bar’ Bowen: Fuck Me Shoes (Live In The Studio)
Jimmy Sputnig: Come Down (Still Revolting Split EP with James ‘Bar’ Bowen)
Underground Railroad: Monday Morning (Pick the Ghost EP Pre-Release) One Little Indian
Anti-Flag: Smartest Bomb (Bright Lights of America LP) Hassle/ RCA/ BMG
Propagandhi: Supporting Caste (Supporting Caste LP Pre-Release) Hassle Download Track
Ida Maria: Queen Of The World (Fortress ‘Round My Heart) Waterfall Records
Track for Thatch’s Dispatch:
Gary Clail and Tackhead: Hard Left (Single) World Records/ On U Sounds
The Autonomads: Supermarket Sweep (Album Pre-Release)

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