25th October 2006

Defiance, Ohio: Oh, Susquehanna! (The Great Depression LP) No Idea (Free Download)
Linton Kwesi Johnson: Fite Dem Back (Independent Intavenshan LP) Island
Braintax: Exit Plans (Panorama LP) Low Life Records
Dead Kennedys: Kill The Poor (Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables LP) Cherry Red
Dumb: Thirsty (Glued To Your Shoes LP)
Elvis Costello: Shipbuilding (Punch The Clock LP) Edsel
Tom Robinson: Yuppy Scum (Living in a Boomtime LP) Cooking Vinyl
Phil Doleman: Patron Saint of Apathy (Rock & Roll Casualty LP) Sore Thumb Records
Crystal Distortion: Cheeky Groover (The Things I4m Not Supposed To Do LP) Expresillon
Ste McCabe: Queer Clubbing (Free Download from MySpace)

Faslane 365 Manchester Group

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