24th October 2019

Dead Kennedys -Halloween

Bad Breeding -Theatre of Work

C.H.E.W. -Still Stuck

Oi Polloi -S.S. Politician

Litovsk -Endelcore Winter

Crisis -No Town Hall

Die Cowboy Die -Say Hey

Omega Tribe -Profiteer

Bastard Swine -Double Crossed

Crass -Where Next Columbus?

Civilised Society? -I Can Be Free

Suburban Lawns -Flying Saucer Safari

No FX -Marxist Brothers

Vince Guaraldi -Oh! Good Grief

C.H.E.W. -Moral Panic

Anti-System -Service/ 100 Rifles

Incisions -War in Your Head

Eastfield -Pin Me to the Moral High Ground

Bratakus -It’s Not. Real Phobia

Gay Panic Defence -I Know Nothing

Ludus -Anatomy is not Destiny

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