24th October 2013

1981 -Think For Yourself
McCarthy -Use A Bank I’d Rather Die
Afternoon Gentlemen -Banker Die
Crass -Punk Is Dead
Piss Christ -Bullshit Media Attack
Mayr -We’re Waving Our Tits In The Wind
Queer’d Science -America’s Next Top Modem
xSaxonx -Breaking The Edge
Stage Bottles -Sometimes I’m Up For A Fight
Moral Dilemma -The Revolution Will Be Televised
Crystal Grenade -You Could Have Lived
Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man -An Aggressive Lecture
Knifeworld -Don’t Land On Me
The Sporadics -Sick Of It All
Ste McCabe -Bargains Galore (Casette Donkey’s Supermarket Sheep Mix)

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