24th March 2011

Bob and Ali from Young People Seeking Safety

The Adverts: Television’s Over
Executive Legs: Comics
Robb Johnson: No Fly Zone: Irregular Records
TV Smith: Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay
Sonic Boom Six: New Style Rocka (Feat Tonn Piper): Rebel Alliance
Flats: Never Again: Sweatshop
More Than A Joke: The Lust For Flesh
Tyvek: Give It Up
Pine Valley Cosmonauts: Gary Gilmore’s Eyes: Bloodshot
Pine Barrens: Goya
Complications: The Liar
Sonic Avenues: I Want You Now
Test Dept: Comrade Enver Hoxha: Ministry of Power
Killing Joke: European Super State
Cardiacs: Core
Crass: The Unelected President: Crassical Collection

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