23rd June 2016


Petrol Girls


Red Lights Flash -Last Come, First Served
Dezerter -Szwindel
Shitlickers -War System Kills
REMEK -Not Forever
Anhrefn -Dawns Y Duwia
Petrol Girls -Restless/ System/ Disgrace/ Treading Water
Paranoid Visions -All Systems Go
Accidente -Pulso
Oi Polloi -No
Braindead -Soy Not Oi
Berurier Noire -Vivre Libre ou Mourir
L0uis Lingg and The Bombs -Alphabet of a Revolution Final Exam
Uz Jzme Doma -Fikus
Tozibabe -Dezuje
Blitzkrieg -Apel
Fall Out -Criminal World
Landverraad -No Love For A Nation
The Usual Suspects -Vegan Airstrike
Jon Magnusson -Partisanen

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