23rd January 2014

Ewa from Frack Free Greater Manchester

Chumbawamba -Diggers Song
Black Star Dub Collective -99% Uprising
Against Me! -Black Me Out
Africa Entsha -Ndiyabulela
Bob Dylan -A Hard Rains A’ Gonna Fall
Manchester Community Choir -Shona Malanga
Filthpact -Tissue of Lies
Aurochs -Cows
Norman Silver and the Gold -Gathering Storm
Epic Problem -Sink
Simon Stabler -Water Disaster
Mwstard -Jiffy Hoof
Holiday -They Said We Could Have Everything In The Argos Catalogue
Accidente -Amistad Y Rebelion
Chulo -Desparche Es Una Jaula
The Jelas -Red Dot
Eastfield -Agnoisse Des Gares

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