23rd August 2006

Passion Killers: ‘Feel Like I’m Fixin’ To Die’ Rag (Whoopee! We’re All Going To Die! EP) Rugger Bugger/Free Download
Pulp: Common People (Different Class LP) Island
MDC Unplugged: Chicken Squawk (Free Download from MySpace)
Me and Three Others: Four Years (An Elbow to the Temple Says You Will EP)
Pennywise: The Secret (Pennywise LP) Epitaph / Ada
Seize the Day: Ned Ludd (All Hands That Are Ready LP)
Gertrude: Jello from the Sky (Fetch The Parrot Blanket LP) Urban Missfits
Claire Mooney: Ordinary Rebel (Ordinary Rebel LP) Red Records
Against Me!: We Laugh at Danger (And Break All the Rules) (Americans Abroad!!!Against Me!!!Live in London!!! LP) Fat Wreck Chords
The Clash: Tommy Gun (Give ’em Enough Rope LP) CBS

James from Camp for Climate Change Action
Twee Pride

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