22nd October 2009

The Clash: Police And Thieves (The Clash LP) CBS
The Flobots: Handlebars (Fight With Tools LP) Universal/ Island
The Skints: Contemplations of the Modern Rude Boy (Rebel Alliance Label Sampler)
Sonic Boom Six: Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang (City of Thieves LP) Rebel Alliance
Aidan Jolly: Dennis The Menace (System Fault LP)
Anti-Flag: Red White And Brainwashed (Die For The Government LP) New Red Archives
Eastfield Derailed: Get A Grip (Songs from the Scrapyard LP) Baszdmeg
Subhumans: Rats (Single) Bluurg
David Rovics: Saint Patrick Battalion (The Commons LP) Irregular Records
The Clash: Career Opportunities (The Clash LP) CBS
David Ferrard: SO9 Monktonhall (Across The Troubled Wave LP)
Alun Parry: Thursday Night Drinking Song (Corridors of Stone LP)
Claire Mooney: Strong Enough (Good As You LP) Red Records
Ray Hearne: I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (The Wrong Sunshine LP) No Masters
Crass: Securicor (Feeding of the 5,000 LP) Small Wonder/ Crass
Jeffrey Lewis: Securicor (12 Crass Songs LP) Rough Trade
Ste McCabe: Excuse No.1:Old Testament (Murder Music LP) Cherryade Records Pre-Release
Chumbawamba: Homophobia (Get On With It Live LP) No Masters
Track for Thatch’s Dispatch:
Ewan MacColl: Daddy, What Did You Do In The Strike?
Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine: The Terror Of Tiny Town (The Audacity Of Hype LP) Alternative Tentacles

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