22nd October 2002

Alice and Boff from chart toppping anarchist group CHUMBWAMBA came into the ALL FM studios in Longsight on 22nd October 2002 to play a selection of other people’s songs and talking about them. “It will be stuff that has been politically important at various times”, says Alice.


Ms Dynamite
It Takes More

Alabama Three
Hypo full of love

Janis Joplin
Mercedes Benz

The Clash
Complete Control

Nina Simone
I wish

Bonzo Dog Band
My Pink Half of the Drainpipe

Sarah Jones and DJ Vadim
Your Revolution

Billie Holiday
Strange Fruit

Lal Waterson
Some Old Salty

Ottis Redding
A change is Gonna Come

Berketex Bribe

The Beatles

CHUMBAWAMBA’s new album, Readymades, is out now!
Link: http://www.chumba.org

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