22nd March 2012

Mark Stewart -Autonomia -Future Noise Music
Junkie Kut -Wormz -Unrepresented Music
Lance Blisters -5,000 Years
Inner Terrestrials -Just Say Neigh
Potential Threat -What’s So Great Britain?
Mark Ayling -3597
Frank Turner -I Still Believe
Michael Everingham -1 Red Hot
Junkie Kut -Indicators of Resistance -Unrepresented Music
Black Star Dub Collective -Ancoats in Dub
Mark Stewart -Gang War -Future Noise Music
Dubmatix -Senseless Killing Dub
Inner Terrestrials -Run Tings
Blacklight Mutants -Make Up
Future Of The Left -Sheena Is A T Shirt Salesman
Dwayne Reads -When The Giant Came To Town
The Coastals -Betrayed
Monkey Island -The Absurd

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