22nd July 2010

Against Me: White Crosses (White Crosses LP) Sire
The Ex: Maybe I Was The Pilot (Maybe I Was The Pilot/ Our Leaky Homes 7” Single) (Free Download)
Global Parasite Interview featuring:
Global Parasite: Lost In Translation (Memento Mori LP) Pumpkin Records
Global Parasite: Wolf and Hammer (Memento Mori LP) Pumpkin Records
Global Parasite: Seven Seven featuring Dick Lucas (Memento Mori LP) Pumpkin Records
Anarka and Poppy: If It Dies We Die (Anti-Capitalism Anarcho-Punk Compilation Vol 4 LP) Overground Records
The Alternative: Change It (Bullshit Detector Volume One) Crass Records
Sonic Boom Six: Strange Transformations (City of Thieves LP) Rebel Alliance
The King Blues: What If Punk Never Happened (Save The World * Get The Girl LP) Field Recordings
B.Dolan: The Reptilian Agenda (Fallen House Sunken City LP) Strange Famous Records
Ste McCabe: Queer Clubbing (Hate Mail LP) Cherryade Records
Anima Mundi: The Sea Shepherd (Anima Mundi LP) Mortarhate
Leon Rosselson: Conversation On A Mobile (A Proper State LP) Fuse Records (Buy From Four Dogs Music)
Anne Feeney: Ya Basta! (Dump The Bosses Off Your Back LP) (Buy from Four Dogs Music)
Frank Turner: Try This At Home (Poetry Of The Deed LP) Xtra Mile Recordings
Chomsky Allstars featuring Eastborn: Solidarity
Chumbawamba: You Don’t Exist (ABCDEFG LP) No Masters
Driver: Change Your Ways (Paranoid Rage LP)

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