22nd February 2007

The Clash: London Calling (London Calling LP) CBS
Robb Johnson and the Irregulars: Up The Workers! ( Saturday Night at the Fire Station LP) Irregular Records
Anne Feeney: Have You Been to Jail for Justice? (Have You Been to Jail for Justice? LP) Super 88 Records/ Four Dogs Music
Tracey Curtis: The John Peel Song (Picture Postcard LP) Irregular Records
Alun Parry interview featuring:
Alun Parry: I Want Rosa to Stay (Live In The Studio)
Alun Parry: Thursday Night Drinking Song (Corridors of Stone LP)
Alun Parry: Woody’s Song (Live In The Studio)
Alun Parry: Going Down The Dole (Live In The Studio)
Aidan Jolly: Sea To The Sky (System Fault LP) Well Red Productions
Linton Kwesi Johnson: Making History (Making History LP) Mango/ Island
The King Blues: If Genghis Khan Then Why Can’t I? (Mr Music Man single) Household Name Records
Suicide Bid: Torch Guantanamo Bay (The Rot Stops Here LP) Household Name Records
Sonic Boom Six: Blood For Oil (Sounds To Consume) Moon Ska Europe
The Notsensibles: Little Boxes (Instant Classic LP) Snotty Snail
Dezerter: 21st Century/ XII Wiek (Underground Out Of Poland) Maximum Rock’n’Roll
Eastfield: Another Boring Eastfield Song (Express Train To Doomsville LP) Baszdmeg
Hostage LIfe: This Song Was Written By A Committee (Walking Papers LP) Household Name Records
Minor Threat: Salad Days (Single) Dischord


Alun Parry
Fran from the Basement Social Centre

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