21st November 2019

Bolshy -Click Bait

Test Dept -Full Spectrum Dominance (JD Twitch Remix

Chumbawamba -Always Tell The Voter Wants to Hear

Joy Division -Komakino

Einsturzende Neubaten -Ich Bin’s

Jeffrey Lewis -The Last Time I Did Acid

The Pop Group -She is Beyond Good and Evil

The Cravats -Ice Cubist

Fatalist -Doubt is our Product

Nothing Clean -Thought Crime

Mark Stewart -Stranger

Electro Hippies -DIY

Morus -Cialo Obce

Klaus Nomi -Total Eclipse

Colour Me Wednesday -Sad Bride

The Nightingales -Idiot Strength

McCarthy -We’re All Bourgeois Now

Essential Logic -Fanfare in the Garden

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