21st June 2018


Chris Butler


Sportchestra -Back Home

The Afternoon Gentlemen -Swirl Night

A Wilhelm Scream -Every Great Story Has a Shower Scene

Chris Butler -International Anthem (Live in The Studio)

Chris Butler -The Seagull and The Skinhead (Live in The Studio)

Half Man, Half Biscuit -Alehouse Futsal

James ‘Bar’ Bowen -The Trial (Recorded Live On Under The Pavement)

Poison Girls -Good Time

Chris Butler -Grandpa Still Hates The Tories (Live in The Studio)

Oi Polloi -LINUX

Robb Johnson -Life Is Football

Chris Butler -Fitzwilliam (Live in The Studio)

Louis Lingg and The Bombs -Sheena Is Too Old

Chris Butler -15 Cigarettes A Day (Live in The Studio)

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