20th September 2012


The System


Straight Lines -Ring The Bells
Sonic Boom Six -Virus -Xtra Mile Records
Paranoid Visions -Rising Tide -FOAD/ Overground Records
The System -Thought Control
The System -Dogs Of War
The System -Their Corrupting Ways
Autonomads -Cloud Song
Inner Terrestrials -Movin On
China Rats -At Least The Kids Are Getting Fed
Gordon Ruthie -Paying A Broken Record
Tsigoti -Thousands More Locked Up Every Day
Chumbawamba -The Land Of Do What You’re Told
Class Actions -Rip UP The Sun
Last Under The Sun -More Helicopters -Iron Man Records
Surrounded By Thieves -Fight Fight Fight
Dead Subverts -Nothing But A Nightmare
Thee Faction -Soap Box
Nuclear Death Terror -World Enslaved
Skunk Anansie -I Believed In You

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