20th November 2014


Carol and Pete from Slice of Life
Kat from Manchester Mule talking about Manchester Campaigns Bazaar


Roughneck Riot -Animosity
Hello Bastards -Constant obliteration of hope
Cravats -Terminus
Slice of Life -Killing time
Carol & Pete (Slice of Life) -Taken over
Carol & Pete (Slice of Life) -Hybrid moments
Carol & Pete (Slice of Life) -Wrecks song
Accidente -Madrid 2011
Slice of Life -Happy hour
The Ex -Let’s panic later
Roughneck Riot -This green unpleasant land
Epic Problem -Lines
Crass -Bata motel
Rash Decision -The world (part 3)
Farang -Woggle
No Babies -One size fits all
The Sweeney -The main theme from the TV series


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