20th June 2013

Formby Channel -Seaside Beat
The Tranq -My Heart Is A Yo-Yo (Coconut Slaying Remix)
Fag Enablerz -Irony
Gertrude -Perfect O
Autopsy Boys -Last Day Of School
Rudimentary Peni -Zenophobia
Lawine -Within Reach
Miles Davis -Summertime
Formby Channel -Last Year’s Holiday
Zatopeks -I Don’t Want The Airwaves
iTCH -Best Shot
A Page of Punk -EP
Sonic Boom Six -Karma Is A Bitch
Luvdump -Burn The Banks
Ghost Mice -Witches and Warlocks
Huffin’ Paint -Fear and Loathing In The Lake District
Black Light Mutants -Domino
Lonnie Donnegan – Skiffle Party
Acid Drop -New Riot

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