20th February 2006

Laibach: In The Army Now (Anthems LP) Mute
Anti Flag: You’ve Got To Die For The Government (Die For The Government LP) New Red Archives
Tracey Curtis: Nowhere Left To Play (The By Pass Demo EP)
The Ukranians: Anarchy In The UK (Respublika LP) Zirka
Leon Rosselson: They’re Going To Build A Motorway (Perspectives LP) Fuse
Pete Dale and the Beta Males: Saint Bob?! (Betrayed By Folk A Collection of Topical Songs LP) Fortuna Pop!
Rory McLeod: No More Blood For Oil (Brave Faces LP) Talkative
Andy Shades and Us: The Word (The World Before Tomorrow LP)
Lack of Knowledge: We Are Looking For People (Grey LP) Southern Records
Kirsty MacColl: New England (Galore LP) Virgin
Rossport Five (Video Soundtrack Extract)
David Rovics: Song for the E.L.F. (Hang A Flag in the Window LP/ FREE MP3 download)
Propaghandi: A Speculative Fiction (Potemkin City Limits LP) Fat Wreck Chords/ G7 Welcoming Committee
Suicide Bid: When Morning Comes (This Is The Generation LP) Household Name Records
Rifu: Let Them Eat Bombs (Bombs for Food, Mines for Freedom LP) Go Kart Records
Eastfield: God’s Plastic Railway (Express Train To Doomsville LP) Baszdmeg
The Unseen: Weapons of Mass Deception (State of Discontent LP) Hellcat Records
Anti Flag: Red White And Brainwashed (Die For The Government LP) New Red Archives
Conflict: Mighty and Superior (There Must Be Another Way Singles LP) Mortarhate
United Satanic Apache Front: America, Fuck Your Freedom (excerpt) (Voices In The Wilderness: Dissenting Soundscapes and songs of G.W.’s America Compilation LP) Pax Recordings
Barr: A Cover (Beyond Reinforced Jewel Case LP) Upset THe Rhythm
Aidan Jolly: Dennis The Menace (System Fault LP) Well Red Productions

Pete from the NO M66 Exhibition about Anti-Road Campaign North East Manchester (1995-1996).
The exhibition, which marks the 10th anniversary of the eviction of Daisy Nook Camp, Droylsden, takes place at the Basement, 24 Lever St, Manchester until 19th March.

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