1st September 2011

Manchester DIY Feminist Festival

Poison Girls -Statement
Hit Parade -Here’s What you find in any Prison
Nina Simone -I wish I knew how it would feel to be free
Ani Difranco -Not a Pretty Girl
Ani Difranco -32 Flavours
Pagan Holiday -Love Yourself
MEN -Boom Boom Boom
Hates -Bored with Boys
Jane Gregory -Do Not Go -Crass Records
Jeffrey Lewis -Big A Little A
Sonic Boom Six -Sunny Side of the Street
John Player Specials -In Session
Gil Scott Heron -Because I’m always Running
NoFx -Race Riot
Ste McCabe – Queer Clubbing
Geoffrey Oi!Cott -Welcome to Yorkshire
Attila the Stockbroker -Looters
Insidious Process -Your War is not My Law
Clash -Lost in a Supermarket
Flobots -Rise

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