1st November 2012


Mick from Manchester ORG (Open Rights Group)


Thee Faction -Let’s Have A Meeting
Stoj Snak -Collateral Damage
Meinhof -Exploitation Of The Beer Bellied Rebel
Rash Decision -Captain Tom
Gil Scott Heron -The Revolution  Will Not Be Televised
Paranoid Visions featuring Zillah Minx -Poles Apart
Ivor Cutler -Shop Lifters
Ste McCabe -I Want To Be In Your Magazine
Rudiosi Inmundicia -De Una Vez
Holiday -Missiles On The Roof
The Wankys -ABC I Love Noise Punk
The Cut Ups -Exeter
Steve White & The Protest Family -Brisbane Road
The Masons -Jerusalem
Active Minds -England Doesn’t Belong To You
Jezabellezza -I’ve Got A Space
Meinhof -Hanging Around in an anarchist circle
China Shop Bull -9 Lives
Active Minds -Please Do Not Feed The Egos

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