1st February 2018



Joe from 0161 Festival

Andy Carrington


Molotov -Immunity from Community (Live In The Studio)
The Fall -Bury, Parts 1 and 3
Molotov -They (Live In The Studio)
The Cravats -Hang Them
Trashtucada -Me Gusta
Andy Carrington -Coffee Shop Wankers (Live In The Studio)
Robyn Wallis Johnson -Pour Me
Jessi Eastfield -Smash The Mac
Andy Carrington -Dickheads in Flat Caps (Live In The Studio)
Molotov -The Sickness (Live In The Studio)
Moscow Death Brigade -Ann Frank’s Army
Joe Solo – No Pasaran (The Ballad of John Atkinson)
Andy Carrington -Benefit Scrounging Scum (Live In The Studio)
Habemus Papam -Herri Norte Taldea
Dawn Ray’d -Cauldron of Rebirth
Tout Suite -No-One Is Illegal

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