19th March 2015

Babes in Toyland -Vomit Heart
Inner Terrestrials -Tales of Terror
Tim Loud -Not A Number
Bootscraper -Clint Eastwood
Thee Concerned Citizens -Ian Duncan Smith’s Weeping Hemmorhoids
The Hurriers -Spectemur Agendo
Atilla The Stockbroker’s Barnstormer -Blood for Oil
The Swipes -Cruelty of Choice
Interrobang -Inclement Weather
Bleach Blood -Please To Meet You
Faintest Idea -Rattling the Cage
Onsind -Pokemon City Limits
Vex -Project Alien Emotion
Dave Hughes -Freedom of Something
Ste McCabe -Them There Different People
Thee Concerned Citizens -Ready
The Stupids -It’s Not My Fault
Black Light Mutants -Frack Off
Really Red -Modern Needs
Ill -Hysteria


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