18th February 2010

Jeffrey Lewis – Big A Little A
Aidan Jolly – Radio Independence
Oi Polloi – Guilty
Conflict – This is not Enough
James Bar Bowen – Are you Thinking what I’m Thinking?
The Clash – Lost in the Supermarket
Sonic Boom Six – Back 2 Skool
Asian Dub Foundation – Culture Move
Frank Turner – Live Fast Die Old
The Dead Kennedys – Stealing Peoples Mail
Steve Cope – The Library Song
Tracey Curtis – I wont Wear the Union Jack
Le Tigre – Seconds
Bikini Kill – Double Dare Ya
Bikini Kill – Liar
The King Blues – What if Punk Never Happened
The Caulbearers – Small space
The Persian Carpets – Allah save Queens
Tasmin Archer – Ship Building
The Smiths – Shop Lifters of the World Unite
Robb Johnson – Up the Workers

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