17th July 2014

Laibach -Whistleblowers
Tim Loud -No Gods, No Masters
Morrissey -The Bullfighter Dies
Love Hurts -Party Riffs
Bangers -Part Animal
Landverraad -Polite Lunch Conversation At The Office
Action Sedition -Histoire d’un Printemps
TV Smith -Der Stacheldrahtmann
Helen Chambers -Little Demon
Simon Stabler -Rolf’s Cartoon Snub
John Cooper-Clarke -It Man
Morrissey -Staircase At The University
Muncie Girls -Teacher
Phil Bug -The Age of Chivalry (Is Dead) (Under The Pavement Session)
Headsticks -This Dog Will Have Its Day
Chris Butler -Goodnight And Goodluck (Under The Pavement Session)


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