17th April 2014


Girls At Our Best -Politics
Poison Girls -I’m Not A Real Woman
Beirut Slump – I Am the Lord Jesus
Ill -Kremlin
Exit Stance -Christian Militia
The Lobotomiies -See See T.V.
B.G.K. -T.V NewsDistorted Views
Revenge of the Psychotronic Man -Rita Sue & Bob Too
Faintest Idea -Why Don’t Rich Kids Go To War?
Fair Do’s -When It All Goes Wrong
John PLayer Specials -The Wilsonator
Simon Stabler -Poems
fIREHOSE -Anti Misogyny Manouver
Rivers Run Dry -Bedsheets On Concrete
The Cravets -The Shroud of New York
The Ex -How Thik You Think
The Ex -Frenzy
Rail Yard Ghosts -Technospheric Fairytale
Atterkop -Bought Nor Sold

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