16th January 2020

Wayne County and the Electric Chairs -Tryin to get on the radio

Poison Girls -Ideologically unsound

Poisonous Cunt -White wedding

Witch Fever -Toothless

Christmas -Go hard or go home

Killdren -Yes Master

Newtown Neurotics -Mindless violence

Nothing Clean -Fetus Slog

Nothing Clean -interview

Marginal Man -Chocolate pudding

Bonzo Dog Do Dah Band -Jazz Delicious hot, disgusting cold

Outcasts -Stay young

Williams Brothers and Curry -Going to die with a hammer in my hand

Natterers -Germs and creeps

Bolshy -Click bait

Petrol Girls -System

Mercury Tales -Sans fleurs ni couronnes

Xmal Deutchland -Schwartze Welt

Nina Hagen -Alptraum

Chas Palmer Williams-Recite it you scum

Brassick -Life best spent

IQ Zero -I’m in love

Fatalist -Doubt is our product

Astronauts -Survivors

Woody Guthrie -Jarmara

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