15th October 2015 What’s On

Friday 16th October

Paradigm Screenings will have Deborah Koons Garcia – also wife of the late Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead! – to introduce her latest inspirational documentary “Symphony of The Soil”(doors 7pm) at The Yard Theatre in Hulme. She will also conduct a post-screening Q&A session. Manchester is the final stop on her European tour with the film in this International Year of The Soil. Tickets are £6 and are available for pre-booking online until Friday at noon


Linking to the films theme, Mama D from Community Centred Knowledge will be running a 2- hour workshop, with an introduction from the Manchester-based Kindling Trust from 430-630pm on “Why Food Sovereignty is also about Sovereign Soil.”
There will be no charge for this workshop but places are limited.
Please email Mama D to enrol on the workshop: Mama Ujuaje communitycentredknowledge@gmail.com


Saturday 17th October

22nd October – 25th October

Liverpool Radical Film Festival is back for another year. From Oct 22nd to 25th we will be screening a range of powerful films covering such issues as the deaths of black people in police custody, the Armenian Genocide, contemporary Greece, abuses against the Kurdish population in Turkey, the most relevant British band of today Sleaford Mods, the fight back against austerity, films from Argentina and Croatia, and many more incorporating an all day national conference of the Radical Film Network. All events are free and happening in two new city centre venues on Duke Street (opposite Sound Food & Drink) and Henry Street (runs parallel to Duke Street). Full details and maps to be found via our website.


Friday 13th November


Saturday 14th November

Rare screening of the classic Wednesday play : “The Lump” by Jim AllenThis  will take

2pm, Three Minute Theatre,   Afflecks Arcade, 35-39 Oldham Street, Manchester, M1 1JG.

The entrance is  £3.00  (£2.00 for members of  Equity, Musicians’ Union and the Writers’ Guild in accordance with PAA License agreement).

Seating is limited and so  booking in advance  is strongly advised by emailing : maryquaileclub@gmail.com

The Lump was directed by the late Jack Gold and produced by Tony Garnett.  Tony has very kindly agreed to  come up and discuss the drama.

In 1967  Tony  wrote this  in the Radio  Times about the play.

“The headlines scream. A strike has broken out. The economy is being ruined by irresponsible elements. There are Reds under every bed. When it is very serious we hear grand phrases about “a tightly knit group of politically motivated men”. Yorky is such a man.

What is Yorky like? Physically he is a giant. Over six feet tall and sixteen stone, he is a bulldozer of a man. He loves his ale and hates the bosses. He is a bricklayer by trade and a revolutionary by vocation. For him a strike it not just an argument about another penny an hour – it is part of his life’s work to change the very structure of our society. Nothing will divert him from his purpose. A gentle man with a wry humour, he will not draw back from violence. He is a tough man in a rough industry. An industry which is getting rougher. Because over it falls the shadow of “the Lump”, a system of work where men are self-employed and on their own. Bought and sold like cattle on the hoof, they are often behind with their tax, their cards are unstamped, and an accident at work can lead them to the scrap-heap.

The Government is worried about it. The Unions hate it and many employers oppose it. It leads to industrial anarchy and it has been spreading like wildfire. Its shadow falls over Yorky. But he knows what he is doing – or so he thinks. Meet this man who sets himself up to fight the whole world. Whatever you think of him, I hope the conflict will grip you”.


Friday 29th April to Sunday 1st May 2016

Any what’s ons? Email radio@underthepavement.org

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