15th August 2019


Nick from Persons Unknown talking about reclaiming/ squatting buildings and this Saturday’s gig at (the former) Chorlton Leisure Centre


Morus -Zaraza

Vidro -Rattas

The Cravats -There is No International Rescue

Mick Trouble -End of the Lion

Syd31 -Walk Amongst Rebels

KAPUTT -Carnage Hall

Poison Girls -Person Girls

The Snipers -Nothing New

Litovsk -Geroon Nee

Crisis -No Town Hall

Slimy Member -Bomb Blast/ Age Old Time

Four Candles -Badgers

Axe Rash -Wasted Potential

Bathtub Shitter -Skate of Bulgaria

Desperate Bicycles -The Medium was Tedium

Adventures of Salvador -Welcome to my Village

Judy and the Jerks -Dumpster Time

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