15th August 2013

Obsessive Compulsive -No Logo
Throwing Stuff -Big Yellow Taxi
Andy T -No Freedom in Escapism
A Page of Punk -split 7” with Werewolves on Wheels
Good Throb -Culture Vulture
Wonk Unit -Always the Same
Pylon -Read a Book
Old Skin -preview
Old Skin -Progression
Paper Town -Good Hiding
Subhumans -I don’t wanna die
Obsessive Compulsive -Regurgitate
Can -Father Cannot Yell
No More Art -Perpetia
Grand Collapse -Grand Collapse
Amorous Dialogues -Amorous Dialogues
The Pukes -Because you’re young
Revenge of the Psychrotronic Man – Beer for Breakfast
Throwing Stuff -Throwing Common Sense Out Of The Window For Short Term Financial Gain
Year of Birds -The past is an area of my pocket
Jello Biafra and Mojo Dixon -Nostalgia for an Age that Never Existed
King Blues -The Future is not What it used to be
Mr Bungle -Sober Day
Stinky Toys -Boozy Creed
Zounds -Sick of Work
Government Issue -Insomniac

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