5th August 2010

Test Dept: The Unacceptable Face of Freedom Face 1 (Single) Some Bizarre
Gary Clail and Tackhead: Hard Left (Single) World Records/ On U Sounds
Guest Dominic Berry from Earth Cafe
Contact Dominic thepoetdominic@hotmail.co.uk
Morrissey: Yes, I Am Blind (Ouija Board, Ouija Board Single) Parlophone
Dominic Berry: Food Poem (Live in the studio)
Robb Johnson: Man Walks Into Pub  ( Man Walks Into Pub LP) Irregular Records
Consolidated: Hold My Vegan Shrimpball While I Try to Get in This Picture With Woody Harrelson and Bono (Free Music Or Stockpiled Death LP)
Millions of Dead Cops: Tofutti (Smoke Signals LP)
Dangerous Aces: Johnny’s Got an ASBO (Deny All Responsibility LP)
Global Parasite: Seven Seven featuring Dick Lucas (Memento Mori LP) Pumpkin Records
The Dead Subverts: Taking Civil Liberties (And You Call This Civilization? Compilation LP)Pumpkin Records
Propagandhi: Human(e) Meat (The Flensing of Sandor Katz) (Supporting Caste LP ) Hassle
Faintest Idea: This Is The System (Ignorance Is This LP) TNS Records
Eastfield: Jumping Under Someone Else’s Train/ Shake it Up (Labor Omnia Vincit Split EP with Destructors 666) Rowdy Farago Records
The Autonomads: Back To The Bark (And You Call This Civilization? Compilation LP)Pumpkin Records
Pete Dale and the Beta Males: Meat-Eating Hippies (Betrayed By Folk A Collection of Topical Songs LP) Fortuna Pop!
McCarthy: Write To Your MP Today (Banking, Violence and Inner Life Today LP) Midnight Music
Hagar The Womb: Once Proud, Now Dead (Funnery In A Nunnery 12″ EP)
Rudimentary Peni: Blind Dogs (EP) Outer Himalayan
Chumbawamba: Voices, That’s All (ABCDEFG LP) No Masters
Last Under The Sun: Captain Of My Soul (Gone LP) Iron Man Records

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