14th November 2005

Cheryl E. Leonard hungryempty (excerpt) (Voices In The Wilderness: Dissenting Soundscapes and songs of G.W.’s America Compilation LP) Pax Recordings
Le Tigre: TGIF (Feminist Sweepstakes LP) Le Tigre
Toby Slater: Consumption (Single)
Christy Moore: Goose Green (The Box Set 1964-2004 LP) Sony
Ani DiFranco: Out Of Range (Out Of Range LP) Righteous Babe
Manic Street Preachers: Ifwhiteamericatoldthetruthforonedayit’sworldwouldfallapart (The Holy Bible LP) Epic
Bob Pyle: The Seaweed Song (Apples and Oranges LP) Apple Tree
Steven Nancy: Goodbye Lime Street (No Apologies EP) Nancy Records
Gertrude: Remote Control (Up The Wrong Tree LP) Urban Missfits
Micheal Stearn: From the Cradle (Fire This Time Compilation LP) Hidden Art
David Rovics: Falujah (Live at the Carlton Club, Whalley Range, Manchester)
Chumbawamba: Buy Nothing Day (Un LP) Mutt Records
The Men They Couldn’t Hang: Whiskey With Me Giro (Shirt Of Blue Single) MCA
AK47s: Bastard Restart (Don’t Call Me Vanilla LP) Rugger Bugger
Chloe Poems: Whore Parts One-Three (Adult Entertainment Book and CD)
David Rovics: Saint Patrick Battalion (Live at the Carlton Club, Whalley Range, Manchester)
Picastro: I Can’t Fall Asleep (Metal Cares LP) Polyvinyl
Seize the Day: No-one’s Slave (100th Monkay Re-mix) (Its your life – Its our world LP)
The Levellers: Battle of the Beanfield (Levelling The Land LP) China
Chloe Poems: The Queen Sucks Nazi Cock (Single) Switchflicker

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