14th May 2015


Johnny from John Player Specials


Efa Supertramp -Rhyddid yr Freuddwyd
RedSkins -Keep on Keeping On
Thee Faction -The Three Rs
ONSIND -Pokemon City Limits
TV Smith -Cutbacks
John Player Specials -Higher View
John Player Specials -Wealth Distribution
Patrik Fitzgerald -World Is Getting Better
Mischief Brew -Two Nickels
Poison Idea -Just To Get Away
F-Emasculata -What Do You want From Me?
Efa Supertramp -Fy Enwi yw Iesu Grist
Eastfield -Why Do People Sing About Riots?
Jello Biafra and the New Orleans Raunch & Soul All-Stars
Raw Power -Politicians
Bleach Blood -P.E.A.C.E.
Efa Supertramp -Forgetting the Time