14th May 2009

The Smiths: Meat Is Murder (Meat Is Murder LP) Rough Trade
Chris Butler: Celebrity Bus Crash (Irritant LP) Sore Thumb Records (Buy from Four Dogs Music)
Danbert Nobacon and the Pine Valley Cosmonauts: William Mulholland Meets Andrew Marshall (The Library Book of the World LP) Bloodshot Records
Faithless: Mass Destruction (Single) Cheeky
Asian Dub Foundation: Target Practice (Punkara LP) Naive
Sonic Boom Six: Sound Of A Revolution (Arcade Perfect LP) Rebel Alliance
MC Rut: I Guess You Could Say (Single) Bright Antenna
Punky Rebel Media: Last Orders (The Angryman EP)
Eastfield: Glad To Be Gay (Labor Omnia Vincit Split EP with Destructors 666) Rowdy Farago Records
Al Baker and the Dole Queue: Sometimes I Wish I Had a Mohawk (On The Use Of Jack Boots LP) Free Download (Buy from Four Dogs Music)
Star Fucking Hipsters: Two Cups of Tea (Until We’re Dead LP) Fat Wreck Chords Free Download
Ste McCabe: Rant (By the Seaside) (Hate Mail LP) Cherryade Records
The King Blues: Let’s Hang The Landlord (Single) Field Recordings
NOFX: We Called It America (Coaster LP) Fat Wreck Chords
Propagandhi: Human(e) Meat (The Flensing of Sandor Katz) (Supporting Caste LP Pre-Release) HassleDownload Track
Gertrude: Doing Dangerous Things (Speak, Shape, Create Time LP) Urban Missfits
Aidan Jolly: Radio Independence (State of Hysteria LP) Well Red (Buy from Four Dogs Music)
Track for Thatch’s Dispatch:
Thatcher On Acid: Our Gods Are Falling Down (Anti-Society Anarcho-Punk Compilation Vol 3 LP)Overground Records
Chumbawamba: When Fine Society Sits Down To Dine (Un LP) Mutt

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