14th March 2013


Landverraad -Polderillusie
McCarthy -St Francis Amongst The Mortals
Mike Watt -Wheel-Bound-Man
Landverraad -No ♥ For A Nation
Huffin’ Paint -Fear and Lothing In The Lake District
The Sanity Clause -Right To Riot
Andy T -Hand Made Grenades and Letter Bombs
AFS -Protest Song
Andy T -I Still Hate Thatcher
Class Actions – M Is 4 Maggie
No Decorum -Hooligans
Scum of Toytown -Feedback
Queer’d Science -Punish You
Huffin’ Paint -The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
Cloud Rat -March
Boz Hayward -Corporate Image
Andy T -The War On Terror
Creedance Clearwater Revival -Fortunate Son
Pussy Riot -Kropotkin Vodka
Finisterre -Orwell Nation
Epic Problem -Battles

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