14th February 2013


Andy from Love Music Hate Racism/ Manchester City United To Stop The EDL


Sonic Boom Six -The Kids Of The Multiculture
Poison Girls -Lovers Are They Worth It
Marvin Gaye -What’s Going On
Bob Marley -Get Up Stand Up
PJ Harvey -Let England Shake
Claire Mooney -Who’s Looking After Levenshulme?
Four Sons Of King Henry The Fifth -Feudal Grind
Roger Knox and The Pine Valley Cosmonauts -Arafura Pearl
Blyth Power -Song Of The Third Cause
The Sanity Clause -Xenophobia
Vitriolic Response -Follow The Herd
Poison Girls -Stonehenge
James ‘Bar’ Bowen -Bella Ciao
Berurier Noir -Porchene
Napalm Death -Nazi Punks
Sonic Boom Six -Keep On Believing

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