14th April Playlist


Jake and Brendan from Manchester Animal Action and World Day For Animals in Laboratories

Alun Parry from Working Class Life and Music Festival 2011

Jawbreaker -Save Your Generation
Paranoid Visions -Politician -FOAD Records
Beat The Red Light -White Collar Pride -TNS Records
Propagandhi -Human(e) Meat
Zounds -Demystification -Active Distribution
Crass -Bata Motel -Crassical Collection
Anti-System -Animal Welfare -Pax
Aidan Jolly -We’re All In This Together
Michael Weston King -A Decent Man -Valve Records
Power Is Poison -Don’t Let Them Steal Your Life -Pumpkin Records
Jello Biafra and DOA -Attack Of The Peacekeepers -Alternative Tentacles
Flobots -Handlebars -Universal
Mark Ayling -But They Still Ignore -The Humane Research Trust
Beyond Description -Attack -Crimes Against Humanity Records


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