13th September 2012


Peter Jones from Paranoid Visions


2 Sick Monkeys -Poppycock/ B Ward
Tsigoti -Thousands Killed Today
War Party -Too Much TV
China Rats -At Least Those Kids Are Getting Fed
Paranoid Visions -Poles Apart (featuring Zillah Minx) -FOAD/ Overground
Paranoid Visions -Split Personality (featuring Steve Ignorant) -FOAD/ Overground
Paranoid Visions -Don’t Let The Rot Set In -FOAD/ Overground
Heresy -Network Of Friends -Boss Tuneage
Star Fucking Hipsters -Media Person
Zounds -Make Love Not War -Overground
Surrounded By Thieves -Red White
Tyrannicide -Security -Prejudice Me
The Very Things -The Bushes Scream While My Daddy Prunes
Mischief Brew -Drinking Song From Thje Tomb
Stinky Wizzleteat -Swine Lord
The Hate -Where Hope Lives

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