13th December 2012


Colin from Conflict


Paranoid Visions -Rock And Roll Revolution (Featuring Steve Ignorant)
Holiday -Sunshine
Obsessive Compulsive -$$
Louise Distras -The Hand You Hold
Conflict -Whichever Way You Want It
Conflict -Carlo Giuliani
Conflict -The Serenade Is Dead
Rivalries -The World’s A Stage
Speed Dinosaurs -I Wish I Worked Harder At School
Da Lata -Going Underground (Featuring Floetic Lara)
Mistress Distress -Shut Up And Die
Itch -Bruises
Black Dynamite -Times That You’re Feeling Alright (Beat The Times That You’re Feeling So Low)
Cat Bear Tree -Crayons
The Evens -Competing With The Till
Defcon Zero -Over The Wire
Holiday -They Said We Could Have Everything In The Argos Catalogue

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