12th May 2016


Ciara talking about Dare to Be Free Play plus John Player Specials


Hagar The Womb: Hated By The Daily Mail
The Domestics -Spit On Your Flag
Leon Rosselson -Whoever Invented the Fishfinger
Slouch -NAG (Not A Girl)
Tom Waits -Misery Is The River of The World
Lotte Lenya -Pirate Jenny
Peggy Seeger -I Am Going To Be An Engineer
Billy Bragg -Waiting for The Great Leap Forward
Nothing Clean -La Letra Pequena
G.L.O.S.S. -Lined Lips and Spiked Baths
Husker Du -Everything Falls Apart
Chris Butler -The Skinhead and the Seagull
John Player Specials (Acoustic) -Higher View (Live In The Studio)
John Player Specials (Acoustic) -Wealth Distribution (Live In The Studio)
eaglehaslanded -Mirage-Mira
Accidente -Jueces
Dead Subverts -Nothing But A Nightmare


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