12th May 2011

Andy T

Subhumans -Apathy -Bluurg
The (International) Noise Conspiracy -Capitalism Stole My Virginity
Andy T -The Lord Of Wooden Curtains
Andy T -What About The Old?
Andy T -Dirty Squatters
Andy T-Morbid Fascination
Reputations In Jeopardy -Girls Love Popstars
Weather Report -Birdland
Andy T -Are The Children Revolting
Ultravox -Saturday Night In The City Of The Dead
Andy T -Forgotten Childhood
Against Me! -I Was A Teenage Anarchist
War Coma -The Hunger
Ergon Carousel – Hindsight Is A Wonderful Thing When You Don’t Mean It
Crass -Buy Now, Pay As You Go -Crassical Collection
TV Smith -Worn Once
Husker Du -Everything Falls Apart
Eastfield -Train To The Top Of The World
Stand Out Riot -Get Mutual
Mutiny -Brisbane Bandits
Beat The Red Light -Track 1

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