11th May 2017


Chumbawamba -Always Tell The Voter What The Voter Wants To hear
Bolshy -Building Walls (Recorded Live In Session)
Generacion Suicidal -Ke Mas Kieras De Mi
Melt Banana -Left Dog (Run Caper Run)
Attila The Stockbroker -Asylum Seeking Daleks  (Recorded Live In Session)
Creedence Clearwater Revival -Bad Moon Rising
Sonic Boom Six -Virus (Recorded Live In Session)
The Ex -That’s Not A Virus
Chumbawamba -Mr Heseltine Meets His Public
The Flex -Life Balance
Bolshy -Reap The Storm
Revenge of the Psychotronic Man -Not All Animals Are Satire
Epic Problem -Lines (Recorded Live In Session)
Atterkop -Trees Will Fall
Electro Hippies -D.I.Y.
Mwstard -Molluscs
Wolfbeast Destroyer -Destroy, Survive, Rebuild
Chumbawamba -We’re Not In This Together

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