11th March 2010

Asian Dub Foundation Featuring Iggy Pop: No Fun (Punkara LP) Naive
Sonic Boom Six: Welcome To The City of Thieves (City of Thieves LP) Rebel Alliance
Tim from The Mule interview featuring:
At The Drive-In: One Armed Scissor (Single) Grand Royal
The Clash: White Riot (The Clash LP) CBS
Al Baker and the Dole Queue: Hello Mr Murdoch (On The Use Of Jack Boots LP) Free Download
The Great Leap Forward: It’s Our Business To Say NO (Finished Unfinished Business LP) Comm Unique
Big Flame: Sink (Single)
The Ex: Maybe I Was The Pilot (Maybe I Was The Pilot/ Our Leaky Homes 7” Single) (Free Download)
Chumbawamba: Wagner At The Opera (ABCDEFG LP) No Masters
Richard Hawley: Tonight The Streets Are Ours (Single) Mute
Sick Of It: All A Month Of Sundays (Based On A True Story LP) Pre-Release
Conflict: Neither Is This (There Must Be Another Way: The Singles Collection LP) Mortarhate
Chumbawamba: Underground (ABCDEFG LP) No Masters
Attila The Stockbroker: Maggots 1, Maggie 0 (Live in Norway LP)
Hefner: The Day That Thatcher Died (We Love The City LP) Too Pure
Eirlys Rhiannon: Chasing Hope (Sleep LP) Unlabelled

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