11th December 2014

Poison Girls -Alienation
Chomsky Allstars -Big I Am
Good Throb -No Taste
Roughneck Riot -England’s Desparate Liars
Disco-Oslo -88 Meter
Aggressors B.C. -Plight of the Immigrant
Unfixed -System Collapse
Conscious Youth -Onwards Version
Louis Lingg and the Bombs -Zapatista
Belgrado -Sombra de la Cruz
Automuro -Enemy Inside
Trophies -Obsessor
Farang -If You’re Not Now, You Never Were
Tits Up -Iron Me Out
This Ends Here -Undefeated
Electro Hippies -Run Ronald
The Movement -One Way Culture
Arctic Flowers -True Words
Good Throb -Psycho Disco
Hysterics -Leave Me Alone
Poison Girls -Pretty Polly


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