11th December 2008

Sonic Boom Six: Blood For Oil (Sounds To Consume) Moon Ska Europe
Babar Luck: Care In The Community (Care In The Community) Rebel Music Records
Asian Dub Foundation: Altered Statesman (Punkara LP) Naive
Pet Shop Boys: Integral (Fundamental LP) Parlophone
Take Jane: Audio Track Watch the video
Rico: Crazier (Violent Silences LP) Manufactured Records
Mark Stewart: Secret Suburbia (Edit LP) Crippled Dick Hot Wax
Inner Terrestrials: Off With Their Heads (X LP) Mortarhate (Also appears on The Defy ID Vol 1: Benefit Compilation LP)
The King Blues: What If Punk Never Happened (Save The World * Get The Girl LP) Field Recordings
Ste McCabe: Rant (By the Seaside) (Hate Mail LP) Cherryade Records
Goldblade featuring Poly Styrene: City of Christmas Ghosts (Single) Damaged Goods
Track for Thatch’s Dispatch:
Maggie’s Dead: Watch The Video
Andy Xport: Madonna Bought My Babies (Still Shakin’ the Bush Boss LP) Free Download from mySpace
Against Me: Baby I’m An Anarchist (Reinventing Axl Rose LP) No Idea
Nimal Mendis: Earth Moving Crying Listen on mySpace


Dave from Manchester no2id

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