10th September 2009

Oi Polloi: Anarcho Pie (In Defence Of Our Earth LP)
The Beatnigs: Burritos (The Beatnigs LP) Alternative Tentacles (Click Here To Download Track)
Melanie: I Don’t Eat Animals (Best Of Melanie LP)
Morrissey: Margaret on The Guillotine (Viva Hate LP) EMI
Frank Turner: Try This At Home (Poetry Of The Deed LP) Xtra Mile Recordings
Anti-Flag: Fuck Police Brutality (Die For The Government LP) New Red Archives
Linton Kwesi Johnson: Sonny’s Lettah (Anti-Sus Poem) (Forces Of Victory LP) Island
Conflict: The Arrest (The Ungovernable Force LP) Mortarhate
The King Blues: The Schemers, The Scroungers, And The Rats (Save The World * Get The Girl LP) Field Recordings
Anti-Flag: You Are Fired (Take This Job, Ah, Fuck It) (The People Or The Gun LP) Side One Dummy
Dead Kennedys: Take This Job And Shove It (Bedtime For Democracy LP)
Alun Parry: We Can Make The World Stop (We Can Make The World Stop LP) Irregular Records
Attila The Stockbroker: My Poetic License (Live In Belfast LP) Roundhead Records
Crass: If there was no government, wouldn’t there be chaos… (Yes Sir, I Will) Crass
Track for Thatch’s Dispatch:
The Specials: Maggie’s Farm
Negativland/ Chumbawamba: The ABCs Of Anarchism (The ABCs Of Anarchism EP) Seeland (Download)

Manchester Veggie Guide published by Manchester Animal Action.
Pick up a copy from No Skin in Afflecks Palace, Manchester

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