10th May 2018

Milky Wimpshake -Thursday

Shelley’s Children -Everytown

Talulah Gosh -Beatnik Boy

Darren Hayman -May Day 1894

Harum-Scarum -Inappropriation

Hefner -The Day That Thatcher Dies

Revenge of the Psychotronic Man -The Establishment

Sex Pistols -God Save The Queen

Kiki Dee and Elton John -Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

Subhumans -This Is Not An Advert

Subhumans -Never Ending Warsong

Hello Mabel -High Hopes Empty Pockets

Interrobang -Love It All

Rivington Pike -Wish A Little Love

Rudimentary Peni -Grave Object

Paranoid Visions with TV Smith -Outsider Artist

Couch Potatoes -Safe

Bratakus -Product

Vital Idles -Like Life

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