10th May 2012


Hated Til Proven


Attila The Stockbroker -The Gospel According to Rupert Murdoch
Beastie Boys -World Gone Mad
Hated Til Proven -1945 -TNS Records
Cradle To The Rave -Punx Inna Jungle
Hated Til Proven -PIMW -TNS Records
Dead Subverts -Rotten Tongues -TNS Records
Rising Strike -Sane In Insane Places -TNS Records
Hated Til Proven -Nothing featruring Jim Sorrow -TNS Records
Oxymoron -Strike
Atilla The Stockbroker’s Barnstormer -Maggots 1 Maggie 0
Hated Til Proven -Don’t Go Breaking My Legs
The Membranes -Everything’s Brilliant

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