10th March 2011


Marelise and Eric from Vialka


MEN: Off Our Backs: IamSound
Chomsky Allstars: Econopalype!
Vialka: There Is No Love
Vialka: Footage Of An Uproar
Vialka: Baillons
Vialka: Unreliable Narrators
Vialka: Black One
Stray Dog Cafe: Alan (a,m,f,o,t)
Stand Out Riot: Get Mutual: TNS Records
The Agitator: Say No
Rasp Thorne and The Briars: Operator Taunt
Ultrasound: Big Ship
Crass: What A Shame: Crass Records
Paranoid Visions: Politician: FOAD Records
Setting Off Sirens: Dumbed Down Music For The Masses: FOAD Records
Good Throb: Bag
Pettybone: Pettybone
Meinhof: Ghetto Punk
Beat The Red Light: Never A Dull Moment: TNS Records
Jo Bywater: Ropeladder
Robb Johnson: Goodnight Jerusalem
Stand Out Riot: Live For Nothing: TNS Records

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