10th February 2011

William Shatner: Common People (Has Been LP)
Manic Street Preachers: A Design For Life (Everything Must Go LP)
The Redskins: Lean On Me (Neither Washington Nor Moscow But International Socialism LP)
Ste McCabe: Ste McCabe- One, Lloyds TSB-Nil (Harrowing Breakdown EP) Cherryade Records
Le Tigre: New Kicks (This Island LP)
The Pop Group: We Are All Prostitutes (Single)
Rip, Rig and Panic: Knee Deep In Shit (God LP)
Pisschrist: Punk Is Love (Victims Of Faith LP)
Global Parasite: Seven Seven (Memento Mori LP) Pumpkin Records
Against Me!: White Crosses (White Crosses LP)
The Organ: Memorize The City (Grab That Gun LP)
Al Baker and the Dole Queue: The Minstrel Boy (Causes and Cures LP)
The Cardiacs: Baby Heart Dirt (On Land and in the Sea LP)
Milky Wimpshake: Share A Little Love With Me (My Funny Social Crime LP)
The Legend!: When I Get Famous (All Sewn Up- a tribute to Patrik Fitzgerald Compilation LP)
UK Subs: Riot (Riot LP)

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